Notes from the Drop:

Thanks for visiting The Junk Arcade, a very strange place that I can only really describe by writing a ten-thousand page book about it. With apologies to Henry Darger, it isn’t that hard to write an unnecessarily long manuscript; all you need is to be weird, obsessed, and poor. I’ve got those three things pretty much locked down.

I’ve probably only written seven-hundred or so pages for the project so far, most of which won’t ever make it into the actual text, but the two-hundred-plus pages waiting for their final eighty or ninety edit passes are pretty much ready to go, so if you’re joining in our read-along, you can trust there’s plenty more of this delightful nonsense to come.

The Junk Arcade’s roots go back two decades, and I’ve been actively developing it for about ten years now, although that doesn’t really capture the way the project has advanced in the last two years. In a sense, The Junk Arcade was waiting for me to catch up to it, and now that I very much have, I intend to finish it to my satisfaction, or die trying. Whether or not that end comes in a billion words, or is contained to this several-hundred-page chapter, is something I’m sure fate will figure out for herself.

Sincerely, thanks for checking out The Junk Arcade; it’s the first thing in a lifetime of writing that I think is pretty good, and it’s because I finally learned to write for myself, which is why I suspect it’s the thing that thus has most chance of finding an audience (who can write your story but you, to you, for your own understanding?) I am, in fact, pretty confident this story has an audience, but I’m still quite unsure if they’re a collective large enough to make it self-sustaining. Only one way to find out!

Oh, and if you’d like to be the first person to pay me for my literary work, tips and donations are absolutely accepted @roppl3s on venmo (mind the 3!), and will directly go into funding my writing! I Solemnly Swear I Will Delete This Portion Of The Text After A Donation of 100$. Have a super fucking day. : D

rott3nappl3s 6/18/23

the gag is, all my high scores are quite low.